Kegawa Sekkusu – 2011 Hump Fest Nominated Video!

So back in 2011 I had just recently moved back to Portland, OR and someone told me about this awesome porn festival called “Hump Fest.”  Put on by a famous sex columnist Dan Savage.  It’s a film festival with nothing but homemade porn movies…eh some were not so “homemade.” LOL.  Every year Hump Fest specifies 3 things that you can get extra credit for if you use it in your movie.  You really don’t get extra credit per-se but it’s funny to see how you can incorporate them into your movie nonetheless.  I had this crazy random idea to make this japanese-inspired cutesy video…got a couple of people together, shot it and edited it and dubbed over some super cute japanese vo.  I couldn’t believe it when they told me that Dan Savage himself was rolling on the floor laughing when he watched my video.  It was picked to be shown 1st at Hump Fest that year.  Didn’t win but still got to shoot this awesome, funny, cute video and watch it at an actual movie theater.