Wednesday Morning Pee

It’s Wednesday morning and Nikko just woke up to the sound of her alarm buzzing in her ear. No!! It’s not time to wake up yet…but Nikko slowly makes her way upright in the bed. She realizes very quickly that she has to pee but decides to hold it in for as long as she can and wants to dance around instead. She puts on her favorite 80’s track, some see-through pink tights paired with a cute school girl skirt and dances around in her kitchen drinking water until the song is completely done. By this time she really has to pee. All that water and jumping around has made it impossible to hold it in. She sits on the floor, pees all over her towel and then masturbates with the pee all over her fingers! Wanna watch Nikko pee?? Buy this video now! This video is 25% off on manyvids for 1-week only!

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