School Boy’s SPH Part 1

Nikko wanted help with her homework because she’s to important/busy/cute to figure out how to do it herself.  So she decided to go to one of the nerdy boy’s houses in her class to see if he’ll do it for her.  She barters with him, says she’ll give him a blow job in return for doing her homework for her.  What she didn’t realize was how small his penis was.  She starts to undo his pants and looks at his tiny dick and starts laughing uncontrollably.  She can’t believe how small it is.  She’s never seen something that small.  She takes random objects and compares his penis to the size of them.  She follows through with her promise of a blow job can’t believe how small it is in her mouth while she’s doing it.  In the end her classmate ends up cumming and agreeing to do her homework for her.  🙂

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