School Boy’s SPH Part 2

So earlier in the week Nikko had come over to one of the nerdy boy’s houses in her class to get help with her homework.  She had offered him a blow job in return for doing all of her homework for her.  She figures since he’s one of the smart guys in the school it would be a good trade.  WRONG!  He had given her all the wrong answers.  Apparently he had written down answers for the wrong homework causing her to get a D!  Nikko was super pissed as she comes charging through the door…She has a plan to make him pay.  She whips out a dildo from her bag and shows the boy what it’s like to give a REAL cock a blow job.  Teasing him she says “Do you want me to suck on your cock?” Nikko sucks on the dildo instead…then makes him watch as she starts fucking herself with it and tells him that this is what it’s like to be fucked by a real dick…a LARGE dick.  Nikko cums all over the large dildo.  She hastily grabs her stuff and demands that the boy give her the right answers next time or she’s going to tell all the girls in school about how small his penis is.  

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