Support Me Buying My First Home!

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Many of you probably don’t know I’ve been looking to purchase my first home for the past 6 months. I’m not a rich porn actress by any means.  No, I don’t have 20 grand stocked away for a house…and no I am not making cash offers on houses by any means. But through a family loan I was able to come up with a small down payment. I put in a few offers but they were quickly denied…the market here is suuuuuuper competitive right now. Anyway after months of searching my offer on a house was finally accepted!

• Maybe you are feeling philanthropic?

• Maybe you are looking for a FINDOM and a HOMEWRECKER that will force you to give me money because I deserve it more than your loser family and sad wife you have at home?

• Maybe you want to trade me a donation for my videos I have on my site?

Whatever the case may be you can send donations via Giftrocket.  If you would like to trade for some of my vids just drop me an e-mail!  Please click on the icons below. Your donations are MUCH APPRECIATED!


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