Hey my name is Nikko Jordan.  You may have seen some of my videos online or may have recently done a shoot with me and wanted to check out my site.  So here’s a little bit about me.  I am half Japanese/half caucasian. I am 34 years old (I know it’s hard to believe), and I am originally from Hawaii.  I do all kinds of things, I am a graphic/web designer.  I designed this whole site! I produce, edit and star in all my videos on my site. I am a chef and I studied at a culinary school, I used to DJ house and trance music, I like to fish, hunt, camp and pick all kinds of berries every year.  I love to travel all over the world.  If you love my videos don’t forget to tribute me!  I have a lot of goals I am trying to reach this year and your financial contribution help could make that happen!!

For photographers:

I have been modeling for a really long time, so I am an extremely experienced and professional model.  I have worked with a variety of photographers (everything from big name studios to guys who shoot out of the back of a semi truck lol.) I do mostly nude, fetish and video work but I have shot some beauty/fashion too.  Please check out my photos and drop me a message if you are interested in working with me. I work with a lot of traveling photographers that come through the Portland area, so if you are planning on coming into town please let me know.  If I’m in town I’m available with short notice but I would ideally like some planning. For small shoots I always come camera ready unless otherwise previously discussed…and I am great at doing my own make up.  For larger shoots I prefer to have a make-up artist on set. 

*I am currently transitioning into full-time web/graphic designer for people in the modeling/adult industry. As of now I am only shooting stuff that is LOCAL*

Types of Shoots I do:

Lingerie Photoshoots
Glamour Photoshoots
Artistic Photoshoots
Nude Photoshoots
Group Photoshoots (Usually through Meetup)
G/G Photos/Videos
B/G Photos/Videos
Fetish/BDSM Photos/Videos


Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’1
Weight: 125lbs
Bust: 34D
Shirt Size: M
Dress Size: M
Pants Size: 8
Shoe Size: 5.5